The Drive For 25 is our effort to raise money for the Good Shepherd Building and Utilities Fund. Utilities include things such as water, sewer, heat, electricity, garbage— you know, all the things we need to keep our building running and a comfortable place to do God’s work. The drive will kick off the weekend of May 2-3, with a goal to raise $25,000 by June 25, 2015.

There is a Drive For 25 board in the Narthex, which has squares posted to the board that display suggested dollar amounts donations, like $50. Please consider taking a square and donating its value to support Good Shepherd. Of course, any donation amount will be accepted!

The idea for the Building and Utilities Fund originally came from Paul Mainz. In memory of Paul, the weekend of June 6-7 has been designated “Orange Sock Days”. Please wear orange socks to church that weekend to celebrate Paul’s many contributions to Good Shepherd, as well as, his irreverent sense of style.