The Associate Pastor Call Committee has enthusiastically recommended a candidate to our congregation for the position of Associate Pastor. The congregational meeting to vote on the calling of this candidate will take place on Sunday, June 28, 2015, following the 9:00am worship service (approximately 10:00am). Normally, for reasons of privacy, the identity of the candidate remains confidential until the time of the meeting. However, due to the unusual circumstances of our situation, privacy concerns do not apply, and we are happy to identify the candidate as Carl-Eric Gentes, who has served as an intern and assistant minister since 2013.

We look forward to hearing from the Call Committee about Carl-Eric’s work over the past two years at the meeting on June 28. Additionally, we look forward to discussing the terms of the recommended call and how the recommended call fits within our faith community’s future ministry plans at Good Shepherd Church.

Please make plans to attend this very important meeting. A quorum of at least 71 voting (confirmed) congregation members is required by our constitution to conduct this vote. The authority to call a pastor lies with our congregation by at least a two-thirds majority ballot vote of members present and voting at this meeting.

Finally, please remember that we will mark the end of our congregation’s Drive for 25 fundraising drive with a fellowship event following the congregational meeting on June 28th.

God Bless,
Eric M. Woodford
President – GSC Church Council