A Retreat for Families

This February Good Shepherd invites families with elementary age school children and younger to a retreat at Good Earth Village. The retreat theme is: “Courage in the Face of Big Questions”. Parents all know that kids can ask big faith questions, many of which we might ask ourselves. This retreat, led by Pastor Carl-Eric, will provide time for adults to work through this common experience in hope of finding, not the right answers, but courage to enter the conversation with the children in your life. Children will have time with Good Earth Village counselors in bible study on similar themes. And there will be plenty of fun and games for everyone.

Details & Cost

Space is limited to eight families and will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. The retreat will run from the morning of Saturday, February 13, to 12:00pm on Sunday, February, 14, 2016. There is a $25 per child fee to compensate counselors for their time (infants in parent’s care are free). All other expenses (food and lodging) are taken care of. Families wishing to come out to camp early can arrange an extra night beginning Friday.

Email Pastor Carl-Eric to reserve your spot by January 21, 2016.