Share With Us Your Skills & Interests

In lieu of Time & Talent sheets this year, we have created a survey to assess the interests and skills of our congregation members and regular attenders. This survey reflects roles and skills necessary for our ongoing efforts in worship, music, volunteering, etc. Selecting a skill or interest does not necessarily imply that you will serve, or that you will be asked to serve. You can discuss availability and specifics at any time.

What Are My Spiritual Gifts?

If you are unsure of your spiritual gifts prior to taking our assessment, use either of the following resources to help you identify or clarify your spiritual gifts:

Making Connections

Beyond the desire to know and identify skill sets within our congregation for our day-to-day needs, we also want to connect our members through existing or newly developed interests and skills. The results of this survey will be incorporated into our Simple Church database, so that any member can search for anyone who has expressed a particular interest. Imagine wanting to start a service opportunity around animals. Now imagine being able to search our database to quickly find people interested in animals—and then directly contact them by email or phone.


Interests change or develop over time. You can submit new answers to the survey. We will periodically update the database to more accurately reflect the changing interests of our congregation.

The Sum of Our Parts

We would like every member and regular attender to consider offering at least one or two skills and interests. Our congregation has a rich diversity of interests and skills, by which we can find ways to fulfill the many different needs of our church and community.

More Training

On Sunday, January 24, 2016, at 9:30am during the Adult Education Hour, Pastor Carl-Eric will conduct an introduction to Simple Church, our database. He will demonstrate how to log in, update user profiles, and search and use the database. You are encouraged to bring your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Take the Survey