Peace be with you!

We recently started taking time for intentional breathing at our house. With two young kids learning to manage emotions, and two young parents learning how to manage the emotions of youngkids…and our own, we need to do a lot of breathing. Hectic schedules, obligations, and commitments can make the life after the resurrection feel like anything but the resurrected life. Taking time to slow down and breathe seems like a luxury. And if not that, time wasted.

It is interesting that in the Gospel of John, one of the first things Jesus does after his resurrection is wish peace upon the disciples and breathe into them the Holy Spirit, the breath of life. The language used in the Greek is the same breath that God breathes into the lump of clay in Genesis to create Adam. This breathing is anything but a luxury. It is part of the very act of creation. This breathing doesn’t come when we need a time out, when we are already out of breath. It comes at the beginning. It is the first breath.

Just now, as I am writing this, my smartwatch reminded me to breathe. I told it to remind me in 30 minutes. Cause you know, I need to finish this article ASAP or this newsletter will be delayed a day and arrive on May 2nd instead of May 1st. Perhaps you laugh. But how many times have you thought something similar this week? Irony can sometimes be the best teacher. So if you’ve read this far, please, breathe. Breathe deep enough that it feels like your first. Then, begin . . . again.

Peace be with you,

Pastor Carl-Eric Gentes