Hill Fest 2018 Summary

  • Whether you were the 70+ year-old taking pictures at the event, the 5 year-old that wiped down tables, or somewhere in between that worked on the quilts, helped clean up in the kitchen, or took time to show your enthusiasm for all the entertainers, again, THANK YOU! We couldn’t have had such a fun day and benefited a great cause without all your help and support!
  • Thank you to all those that played a major role in pulling all this together.  Your months of preparations in all categories (decorations, time-table of events, tents/chairs, music, games, food, setup, greeters, finding a benefactor, etc) was very thorough and resulted in the day going on without even a hiccup.
  • Had 170 people signed in, but we’re guessing we had more than 225 people.  You all made 3 quilts and raised $1,200 for IHN !!!  Good call on having the water games with temps in the high 80’s!!
  • We are planning a “lessons learned” meeting to review what went right and what can be improved upon. We welcome your input too, the office is always taking notes.