Lessons for Life and Promises from the Gospel

That’s the title I would assign to our 2018 Fall Stewardship emphasis.  Lessons and promises sound like more than traditional preaching, and in all actuality, it is. Preaching is about being filled with promised grace, lessons are part of a deeper learning to accompany these promises.

This fall we have experienced a different form of preaching in worship, a format that calls upon us to engage more deeply with the promises of the gospel.  Yes, it has meant a slight change in our liturgy, but it’s meant to enhance engagement with the gospel promises through learning and responding.  I pray it is, or becomes, a meaningful reception of grace for you as we continue through the fall.

Our Stewardship plan this fall has folded into five Sundays of lessons and promises. This combination is occurring through readings, singing, a video, preaching, meditation, sharing, and praying.  The Lessons and Promises topics for these 5 weeks are:

  1. Promise
  2. Legacy
  3. Ambition
  4. Capacity
  5. Essence

Come ready to learn, to engage your hearts and minds, and to receive grace.

In worship on November 3rd and 4th we invite you to celebrate this grace, perhaps with new meanings by looking ahead to 2019 with God’s promises deeply embedded in our hearts.

See you in worship, Pastor Charlie