Something Newer for Our Loved Ones – Older

I have a dream for something new at Good Shepherd Lutheran for those living in the age of retirement. My dream is a gathering of people during the day to eat together, to be enlightened together, to play together, and to be blessed.

If you look at the attached calendar you will find on October 18th, at 12:00 noon A GATHERING WITHOUT A NAME.  I encourage you to put this date and time on your calendar if you are retired and looking for a reason to get together with your church friends (I need your help to discover a NAME for this group and gathering).

Why?  Because I hear people asking for a middle of the day social gathering for folks who don’t work and don’t like to drive after dark to evening church events.  I’ve also received several requests to discuss faith related topics that pertain specifically to the lives of folks beyond retirement age.

There are numerous options for topics to discuss and I’m eager to hear from you, and to plan future gatherings with all those who can come.

I’ll provide sub sandwiches and beverages for our first gathering along with a program to enjoy.

And one last thing, think about a name for this group, because we don’t want to confuse ourselves or others as THE GROUP WITHOUT A NAME.

I hope to see you here, Pastor Charlie