Our Synod Council has been working on updating our Synod Constitution. There will be changes or corrections brought to the 2019 Synod Assembly. A proposed change to a Constitutional Provision needs a 6 month notice to go out to all congregations prior to the assembly for it to be voted on at assembly. The following statement from the synod’s constitution explains this process: “The Synod Council may propose an amendment, with notice to be sent to the congregations of this synod at least six months prior to the next regular meeting of the Synod Assembly.

 The synod council is proposing the following change: S8.55 Should the vice president, secretary, or treasurer die, resign, or be unable to serve, the bishop, with the approval of the Executive Committee of the Synod Council, shall arrange for the appropriate care of the responsibilities of the office until an election of a new officer can be held or, in the case of temporary disability, until the officer is able to serve again. The term of the successor officer, elected by the next Synod Assembly, shall be four years.