It has become our custom at GSC to use Lent as an opportunity to explore a diversity of wildernesses in life. Recently we have listened to the stories immigrants and met Jesus from a new perspective. This year is no exception. Together we will journey through the wilderness of Racism. Did you know that the ELCA is the whitest denomination in the US? How might this fact effect our worship, our preaching, our understanding of God? To address these questions and prepare us for the journey ahead, a group of GSC members have been studying racism and the meaning of “whiteness” since the new year. This groups’ work will assist the pastors and worship committee in shaping our Lenten journey. There will be more information soon as this experience takes shape, but here are a couple things you can do to prepare:

  • Watch a documentary: There are many available on streaming services and YouTube. I highly suggest The 13th Amendment on Netflix.
  • Read a book: Both Waking Up White by Debby Irving and White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo are good places to start understanding race from a white perspective.
  • Save Sunday, March 10th for a trip to the Science Museum of Minnesota to visit the exhibit “Race: Are We So Different?” There will also be opportunities to attend the smaller version of this exhibit here in Rochester at the Library.
  • Pray. Racism is a subject filled with emotions of all kinds. Pray that God may grant you peace and courage on this journey in hopes that even though it cast a shadow like that of the cross, there at the cross is also hope for blessing and a future.