The Good Shepherd adult and youth softball teams will start playing in May, the first game for the adult team is May 14 and the first game for the youth team is May 29. The adult team plays on Tuesdays and the youth team plays on Wednesdays thru the first week of August. If you are interested in playing, please call or text Kent Bruinsma at 507-358-2565. Kens has already contacted the players from last year, so those players do not need to contact me.

For the youth team, students currently in 7th grade thru 12th grade can play on that team. We have adults from age 18 to 60-something that played last year, so literally no age limit. The youth league consists of players of all levels, the only objective is that you have fun (and we do). The adult league is somewhat competitive, but the objective is still to have fun. If you have questions, please call. The schedule will be added to the church schedule online.

May 14 – Adult Softball vs. High Point (8pm)
May 21 – Adult Softball vs. Mount Olive (6pm)
May 28 – Adult Softball vs. St. John’s (8pm)
May 29 – Youth Softball vs. Redeemer (7pm)