Dear friends in Christ,
Grace and peace to you from God our Father and Jesus Christ the Son, winter is over,
Lent is done, and the Joy of Easter is here! Christ is risen, He is risen indeed, Alleluia!!
Now what?
I embrace Easter for more reasons than the joy of the resurrection. Although the
Resurrection of Jesus is certainly #1, those other realities are also part of Easter for me. The ending of one season and the relief from an enduring season of repentance are also part of the liturgical church year. Something new has come and everything from here forward can be new again – but much of that is up to us in our living and moving faith.

Last Sunday our Focus Question was, “The word believe is a verb. How do you define
believe?” I am to blame for giving you such a hard question before worship, but I want to challenge all of us to ponder the actions of our lives if we believe in the risen Jesus. I think it is timely to ask hard questions as we enter a new season renewed by the promises of the resurrection. Maybe a better question is: Now what? After being immersed in the alleluias of Easter, forgiven after a season of deep self-reflection, and experiencing the joy of baptism . . . now what? What verb actions will our believing take?

This is not just your question; it is the question behind our collective “visioning” in these past months. Your council has been asking, “Now what?” What paths can we imagine God has for all of us who want to be verbs with faith?

Thank you to the many members and friends of GSC who took the CAT survey. On April 24th eighteen leaders in our congregation came together to see and hear consultant Pastor Kurt Jacobson unveil the results of our CAT. We were very encouraged when pastor Kurt informed us that we are a healthy church, with eager and engaged young members, and a willing mature membership. I learned that we are a congregation that cares deeply about worship, music, and finding meaning in life; and that reaching out to people in need is part of our core belief.

The survey results categorize Good Shepherd as a Transformation Church, one that has high satisfaction levels and high energy. We are a Theologically Progressive and Highly Flexible Church, willing to embrace change, a characteristic likely informed by our context of a daily life and work faced with the realities of changes in science, technology and medicine.

I believe God has led us to a good time and place to be verbs in His church asking, “Now what?”

See you in worship, Pastor Charlie