Summer (knock on wood) may have finally come. Summer often brings with it changes to our normal routine. No more school, more hours in the day for being outside, traveling, rest, and perhaps adventure.

I am excited for Vacation Bible School, Good Earth Village Confirmation Camp, the High School trip to Montana, and an opportunity for extended vacation with family. Summer will bring new places and new patterns and practices into my life. There will be a chance to live into the resurrection in new life giving ways.

Life at Good Shepherd will also change with the season. We will worship outside on the 1 st and 3 rd Sundays. We will meet for S’more church and take a break from Sunday School. We’ll play softball and worship in new places through Worship on the Go!

How will the season change your routine?

I encourage you to embrace the changes that come with the season. Find new ways to commune with God, new paths to follow Jesus down, and new life fed by the Spirit.