LIRS is Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, a long standing honorable institution of the ELCA which helped countless Asian refugees into America after the VietNam War.

Message from LIRS Krish O’Mara Vignarajah; President and CEO :

Almost every month, a migrant child dies in U.S. custody or en route to the southern border. But unspeakable horrors, like gang violence and human trafficking, leave them no choice but to risk the dangerous journey to America.  Sadly, when they arrive, they’re the ones who are treated like criminals — inhumanely apprehended and detained. And then they’re turned out on the streets with nothing.

Will you help children and families find safety? Support is needed so LIRS can offer shelter, food, and basic necessities to migrant families who have been released from detention with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  These families shouldn’t be punished for seeking a better way of life. They want the same things as we all do: a roof over our heads, a hot meal, and the chance to keep their loved ones safe from harm. It’s simply un-American to turn our backs on these families.  But you can show them that America is still a place of compassion and welcome by donating to LIRS today.

Please help desperate children and families with a generous gift. Any amount helps. We cannot afford to ignore this dire humanitarian crisis any longer!