March 26, 2020

Dear members and friends of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church,

Today marks day 14 of our church’s suspension of activities.  We are all aware of many changes and sacrifices being made around the world and in our own community.  Yesterday Governor Tim Walz issued an executive order for all Minnesotans to “Stay at Home”.    We share this short excerpt:

“I (Tim Walz) am asking Minnesotans to make the most profound sacrifices yet in the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic: Stay at home for two weeks, starting Friday night.  And unless your business is deemed “critical,” close the doors, send your workers home, idle your machinery.

The practical effect is basic: Keep people away from each other and common spaces, depriving the virus of its ability to infect people.”

Although this executive order allows movement for essential “critical” services, churches are not specifically mentioned, leaving this decision up to us.   To respect and honor this public health order, we believe it is best for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church to ask our pastors remain at home as they continue to lead worship through live-streaming.  We wish to honor Gov. Walz’s “stay at home” order.   This may limit some aspects of our newest on-line worship services because our pastors won’t have access to the many resources our beautiful sanctuary offers.  We ask you to remain on this new journey with us, to continue to worship in these new ways as we ask our church leaders to model being compliant citizens.  Our pastors are also restricted from home and hospital visits, therefore please contact them through the church office phone if you wish for a pastoral visit, they will contact you by phone or other means available to visit you.

God’s love for us remains steadfast in the midst of so much change.  God’s peace be with you,