Lisa Lingle / Tristan Pearson



All icons from the Noun Project:

Ancient Greek Theater designed by Role Play / Availability designed by Kim Chouard / Bible designed by Dan Hetteix / Bible designed by Erik Wagner / Books designed by Derrick Snider / Bread designed by Bruno Gätjens González / Paper Bag designed by Dorian Dawance / Candle designed by Brian Kyle / Care designed by Jerry Wang / Children designed by Yolanda Ferranti / Church designed by Roman Kovbasyuk / Church designed by Stephen Borengasser / Coffee designed by Ilsur Aptukov / Community designed by Rémy Médard / Conductor designed by Luis Prado / Cookie designed by WARPAINT Media Inc. / Cooking Pot designed by Alexandr Cherkinsky / Cross designed by Renee Ramsey-Passmore / Crown Of Thorns designed by Bruno Gätjens González / Dishes designed by caba kosmotesto / Diversity designed by Cara Foster / Exchange designed by Michael Rowe / Family designed by Benny Forsberg / Goblet designed by The Crew at Fusionary / Hand designed by Pavel Nikandrov / Holy Supper designed by Bruno Gätjens González / Jump designed by Ben Cunningham / Lawn Mower designed by Micah West / Life Raft designed by Alessandro Suraci / List designed by Leonides Delgado / Meeting designed by Claire Jones / Mentor designed by irene hoffman / Microphone designed by Erin Standley /Microphone designed by matthew hall / Mile Marker designed by Chris Thoburn / Money designed by Christopher Holm-Hansen / Money Collection designed by Luis Prado / Music designed by Christopher Holm-Hansen / Music designed by Ilsur Aptukov / Music designed by Ilsur Aptukov / Notebook designed by Carlo Prina / Nursery designed by Luis Prado / Paint designed by Cris Dobbins / People designed by Wilson Joseph / Person designed by Wilson Joseph / Playground designed by Yi Chen / Projector designed by Piotrek Chuchla / Reading designed by Murat Yalcin / Report designed by João Marcelo Ribeiro / School Bus designed by Luis Prado / Scrum designed by Björn Andersson / Sharing The Gospel designed by Bruno Gätjens González / Teacher designed by Piotrek Chuchla / Team designed by Stephen Borengasser / Tools designed by Michela Tannoia / Violin designed by Thijs Leydens