Dramatic Arts

Good Shepherd Church has a long-standing tradition of using the dramatic arts in worship and fellowship. From melodramas to musicals, from Lenten plays to Luther parties, Good Shepherd embraces the power of drama to reflect and mirror our personal experiences and faiths.

You will have as much joy and laughter in life as you have faith in God.

Martin Luther

Grounds For Redemption

A five-part drama following a group of friends’ experiences with death and faith. This drama was written for and performed as a part of Good Shepherd’s Wednesday night Lenten worship services. March 2014.


In Memory of Paul Mainz

We are forever grateful for the late Paul Mainz (1953-2014), the originator of Good Shepherd’s dramatic arts activities for the past 15 years. Paul’s off-beat humor and love of puns made his scripts unique and memorable. It was through his creativity that the Word of God and the words of actors entertained and enlightened us. Paul’s opportunism helped him recruit unsuspecting congregation members in his plays; he often sidled up to us, tapped us on the shoulder, and said, “I’ve an idea I need your help with.” How little we knew how much Paul wanted us to do, but we rose to the occasion to make a costume, sing a song, or make dinner for audiences. We trusted Paul, but, more importantly, Paul trusted us and our potential. Through Paul’s vision, the spirit of God moved us. Even if it was by the seat of our pants.