What is Simply Giving?

The Simply Giving® Program is an automatic payment system that uses electronic funds transfers (EFT), so individuals can donate directly to Good Shepherd Church from one’s checking or savings account.

When our members enroll in the Simply Giving Program, they can be sure Good Shepherd Church is financially supported in a secure and consistent manner. Enrollees can elect the amount of their donations, how often their donations are transferred, and when in the month their donations are transferred. With Simply Giving, our members can still donate if they are out of town or if they left their offering envelopes at home.

Why give through Simply Giving?

When Good Shepherd Church receives electronic funds transfers from Simply Giving enrollees, our church receives many benefits:

  • regular contributions allow Good Shepherd leadership to make more accurate financial plans
  • enrollee money is directly deposited into Good Shepherd’s account, so there are less administrative and financial costs
  • deposit amounts are accurate because enrollees control their contributions

How To Enroll

  1. Call the office for a form or print this form
  2. Complete the following parts of the form:
    • personal info (name, address, email)
    • donation info (date of first donation, frequency, funds, amounts)
    • checking or savings info (designated account, routing and account numbers, signature and date)
  3. Return it to the church office by mail or in person
  4. Mike Thilges, the office administrator, will:
    • add the church code
    • verify and fill in the envelope/donor number
    • add the date
    • complete the effective date authorization
    • identify the type of authorization
    • check that everything is interpreted correctly when Simply Giving confirms back to Good Shepherd

Contact the Church Office

View the Simply Giving Form

Encourage others to enroll