Our Library

A varied catalog of titles and a vibrant new space await all readers in our revitalized library! Browse the new titles of books and DVDs, see what titles our staff recommends, or just relax in one of the new or newly reupholstered seats. With nearly a thousand books and 100 DVDs, the library is a place for all ages!


Digital Catalog

Preview our catalog in the adjacent widget. To learn more about any of the rotating titles, click or tap on one.

Use the convenient search widget below to search our online library catalog when you are away from church or in the library looking for a specific title.


Checkouts & Returns

  • All Good Shepherd Church members and visitors are welcome to borrow materials from the library.
  • Remove card from the back of the book or inside the DVD box. Please legibly print your name, phone number, and today’s date on the card.
  • Place the card in the checkout card box.
  • Take a due-date slip for your convenience and write down a due date of 2 weeks from today.
  • Please return books to the book return box located under the check-out desk. Please do not shelve books yourself.


Checkout Duration

  • 2 weeks is the suggested length of time to check out materials. Please leave a note if you plan to keep the book for a longer period of time.
  • If your materials are past due you may receive a friendly phone call or email to remind you to return them to the library.
  • No late fees or scowls will be given.



Your name will only be linked to materials during the time it is checked out. During that time, the checkout card will be in the locked box. When the materials are returned, your contact information will be blacked out on the card before being returned to the book’s card pocket.

Our Collection

The adult section of the library contains religious non-fiction and Christian fiction. The youth sections also contain Christian-based fiction and non-fiction, as well as mainstream books and movies that portray family values and morals, or provide wholesome entertainment.



Due to limited space, it is important that the inventory remain current and relevant. Periodically the Library Xommittee will review the library’s contents and remove materials that are in poor condition, outdated, have low circulation, or inappropriate content. Removed materials will be donated or sold, with the profits going towards the purchase of new library materials.

The Library Committee, in conjunction with the Education Committee, will be responsible for deciding which new materials are purchased each year. Title recommendations from church members, staff, committees and study groups are highly valued. Please let a Library or Education Committee member know if you have a title to recommend and it will be reviewed for purchase.



If you’d like to join the library team, we’d love to have you! Tell a Library or Education Committee member or email us.


Thank you for contributing to this ministry! There are three ways to make a donation:

  1. Visit the library’s Amazon.com Wishlist and make a purchase for the library. The materials can even ship to Good Shepherd Church! Contact the Library Committee to inform them of the purchase, so they know to label and shelve an incoming title.
  2. Make a financial contribution to the library. This helps keep our library current and relevant to readers.
  3. Donate gently used or new materials (first check our online library catalog to see if we already have it). Donations can be left in the library closet shelf marked Donations. Donations will be reviewed by the Library Committee using the same guidelines for reviewing the current collection. Items not chosen for circulation will be donated or returned to the donor. Please attach a note to your donation with your name and contact information if you would like items returned to you.



As much as the Library Committee loves books, it is impossible for us to read each one in-depth. If you find a book or DVD that you feel is inappropriate for the church collection, please let us know by:

  • Attaching a note to the book or DVD. Please include your contact information and list reasons why the material should be removed from the library.
  • Either give the book to library personnel or church staff. Or leave the book in the return box with the note attached.

Pastoral staff will review the material and decide whether the item will be removed from circulation or not. Pastoral staff will contact you with their decision.

Mini Free Library

Good Shepherd Church has a mini free library for anyone to use, located on the southeast side of the church between the two parking lots.

A free library is an outdoor, sheltered book case for anyone to take or exchange books to read.

Created and maintained by the Fellowship and Evangelism Committee, our mini free library serves our neighborhood, people who use the park, and anyone on a good walk!


Contact the Library Committee