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At the Heart of Worship is God’s Loving Action for Us!

It is good to sing, pray, and offer ourselves in praise and thanksgiving to God. But our acts of worship pale in comparison to what God does to and for us in our worship. We believe God Gathers us, Speaks to us, Feeds us, and Sends us every time we worship. In this we follow an ancient tradition shared by churches around the world. Music styles, language, cultural heritage, and technology change over time and add new flavors to our worship experience, but God’s loving action toward us is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

God Gathers Us

The Holy Spirit calls us together as the people of God.

God Speaks to Us

God speaks to us in scripture, preaching, and song.

God Feeds Us

God feeds us with the presence of Jesus Christ.

God Sends Us

God blesses us and sends us in mission to the world.

Taste & See

God’s love for us is shown in ways we can feel and taste. Through the eating of bread and wine in Holy Communion and the cool refreshment of cleansing water in Holy Baptism, we hear the promise of God’s love and taste and see that God is good.


We taste and see God’s goodness:

  • All are welcome at the Lord’s table
  • We celebrate communion every week at every service
  • Grape juice is available
  • Gluten-free wafers are available


Martin Luther believed that Church happened wherever the Gospel was clearly preached and the sacraments of Holy Communion and Holy Baptism were given. Every thing else is open to interpretation.


We worship in several ways:

  • We are rooted in our tradition, but not “traditional”
  • We are engaged with the present, but not “contemporary”
  • We embrace all forms of musical accompaniment: organ, piano, guitar, drums, brass, even ukelele
  • We include the visual and dramatic arts
  • We aren’t afraid of change or trying something new


It’s great to have infants and children in worship! We love their presence and their faith. Our church members love kids–we have many children at Good Shepherd!


We provide the following for children and their families:

  • a children’s sermon
  • a blessing for them at the communion table
  • a children’s bulletin
  • soft activity/toy bags, which include coloring books and crayons, Beanie Babies, and books
  • a nursery
  • tables and stools in the sanctuary
  • preschool Sunday school immediately following the children’s sermon at Sunday 10:30am services

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