For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

- Matthew 6:21
Good Shepherd encourages all to give generously out of the gifts God first gave you. Through our church your gifts support our ministry and those initiatives we care about.
General Fund - Funds go to support the every day expenses of the congregation including staff salaries, building maintenance, program funding, etc.
Global Hunger - Funds go directly to ELCA World Hunger with hunger initiatives around the world. 100% of donations go to  those in need.
Local Hunger - Funds go directly to Channel One Food Bank
Pastor's Discretionary Fund - provides funds so that our pastor can address emergent needs for those experiencing hardship.
Other Relief - Funds are directed as needed by our Social Ministry committee to support local ministry partners directly addressing homelessness, hunger, etc. and emergent disaster response.
Special Funds - Funds support specific fundraising goals to address ministry objectives.

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