Shared Ministry

The Congregations of Good Shepherd and Our Savior's Lutheran Churches have entered a two-year experiment in congregational Collaboration

  • Grow in community with each other and with our city.
  •  Engage a larger number of people in ministry opportunities, such as congregation care, youth ministry, faith formation, fellowship, and service.
  • Enable a more efficient way for lay leaders and staff to utilize their gifts.
  • Cultivate sustainable and healthy ministry practices for our congregations and our pastors.

What does Shared Ministry Look Like

As Congregations together we . . . 

  • Commit to growing in relationship with each other - as individuals, groups, and congregations.
  • Commit to growing in collaboration, beginning with events, educational opportunities, and worship.
  • Commit to sharing our unique experiences and ministries with each other, so that both congregations grow in their connections with their people and the community at-large.
  • Commit to joint oversight and evaluation of the shared ministry.
  • Commit to sharing financial burden in areas of collaboration.

As Pastor together we . . . 

  • Recognize that we are collaborating in pastoral ministry, not simply sharing one pastoral position between two congregations.
  • Commit to meeting regularly, including having regular shared office time.
  • Commit to sharing pulpits.
  • Commit to growing in collaboration.
  • Will coordinate with each other to meet the collective pastoral needs of our congregations, based on the ebb and flow of congregational life.

Together we live into shared ministry through the leadership of Pastor Nikki Rockne  who will . . . 

  • Lead worship and preach in both congregations.
  • Lead Congregational Care efforts by leveraging the gifts of both congregations.
  • Lead Youth Ministry efforts through joint youth events.
  • Empower lay leaders in these areas to support the ministry of both congregations.